Jak makes DLNA adapters cute again
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MWC 2013: By far the cutest USB stick SemiAccurate has ever seenDLNA and Miracast dongles were a dime a dozen at MWC, but one of the nicest was the Jak from a little Korean ...

bCODA Multishare USB Jak
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Today are taking a look at a product from a new company to us here at BCCHardware. We've got the MultiShare USB Jak on our bench and are giving this little dongle the twice...

MultiShare USB Jak Plugs in Any USB Device to Enable Your Smartphone's Content
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The MultiShare USB Jak by bCODA is one such tool that will definitely help you organize your files better. And it is very, very easy to set up – you don’t have to be a geek ...

[Update] Meet jak, the new USB wireless streaming stick on the Block
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   I personally still think it is a pretty great little device to have, even though it will only play local files to your screen or device of choice. Still...

Jak streams audio over Wi-Fi into your car
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  Jak is small, the size of a typical USB drive, but can support up to 20 devices through Wi-Fi. WEP and WPA security are built in. The Wi-Fi connection allows for m...

bCODA’s JAK Streaming USB Device Now Available for iOS/Apple Products
Thumbnail Image The JAK Multi-Share Streaming Device Expands to Both Android- and iOS-Based Smartphones...

AVAD Adds bCODA Jak USB Streaming Device to Lineup
Thumbnail Image electronics distributor offers miniature device to share smartphone contents wire...

bCODA Partners with Specialty Distributor Jeg and Sons
Thumbnail Image bCODA Partners with Specialty Distributor Jeg and Sons Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) April 23, 2013  bCODA, a manufacturer of w...

bCODA Begins Shipmments of Coda One Bluetooth Handset and JAK Streaming USB Stick
Thumbnail Image bCODA has started to ship their Coda On...

'13 CES Press Release
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  ENUSTECH, INC. is launching a new product, Multishare USB Jak at CES 2013. Jak allows you to share the contents in your smartphone such as photos, music, video clips, do...

DriveNTalk’s BHF2000 Named as Finalist in the 2011 Golden Bridge Awards for Innovations
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Los Angels, CA (07.21.11) - DriveNTalk’s BHF2000 has been named as finalist for the 3rd Annual 2011 Golden Bridge Awards in the category of Innovations. These indus...

DriveNTalk to Showcase new products at CEA Line Shows, New York
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New York (06.16.11) - CEA Line Shows, returning to New York City this year, is just a week away. CEA’s member companies will hold line shows and press conferences on Jun...

DriveNTalk, Three Languages are Available with KlaT 7
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Los Angeles, CA (05.13.11) - DriveNTalk’s popular KLAT 7 hands-free installed car kit now features new firmware that delivers voice interaction in 3 languages, Engl...

DriveNTalk To Display At CTIA Show
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Seoul, Korea (03.18.11) - As our lifestyle is getting more mobile, products are getting smarter and Hands-free car kits are no exception. DriveNTalk has been selected for...

Telecom Council Member Judges Select 25 New Innovations to S
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Judges from HTC, Qualcomm, SK Telecom, Sprint, Vodafone and more reviewed over 100 applications to find this group of hot startups     San Jose, Ca, March 7, 2...

DriveNTalk BHF-2000 lets you drive while your smartphone talks, we go hands-on
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Sadly, no, we still haven`t seen a gadget that lets your smartphone drive. Maybe next year, but this year it`s the BHF-2000 letting your smartphone talk while you drive. It`s t...

CES 2011 DriveNTalk_Unveiled
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DriveNTalk at CES2011 Unveiled with

Gesture/Voice-controlled Hands-Free Car Kit [HD]
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DriveNTalk at CES2011 Unveiled with TechWeb TV.

DriveNTalk, ready for the CES 2011
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Seoul, Korea (12.20.10) - DriveNTalk, a leading developer and supplier of Bluetooth hands-free devices, has ambitious plans for  CES 2011. DriveNTalk will be introdu...

DriveNTalk rolls the dice at SEMA 2010
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Las Vegas, NV (11.23.10) - For the SEMA show DriveNTalk enlisted the help of Pacific Cellular Supply (PCS) to provide the Demo car for the event. PCS went right to JT ...

DriveNTalk Named CES Innovations 2011 Honoree
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Las Vegas, NV / Seoul, Korea (11.11.10) - DriveNTalk has announced that it has been named an International CES Innovations 2011 Design and Engineering Awards Honoree fo...

DriveN Talk Makes Plans for SEMA 2010
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Seoul, Korea (September 29, 2010) - DriveN Talk will showcase the company’s popular, full featured Klat 7 handsfree car kit at the upcoming SEMA show. In North Hall...

CEA Video: Cell phones and Car safety Featured DriveNTalk, KlaT 7
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Cell Phones and Car Safety 

Oprah, The No Text Hero on
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Oprah, The No Text Hero on Featured DriveNTalk, KlaT7   Visit here to see the whole news.

DriveNTalk Launches New Website
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Seoul, Korea (July 13, 2010) - DriveNTalk has released its newly revised website, upgraded to provide easy access with variety of information for visitors. From the new D...

CEE 6 Exhibitors Presented Opportunities
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Frisco, TX (May 25, 2010) - The 6th Annual Consumer Electronics Expo, featuring nearly 100 12volt and home theater brands, was held at the Frisco Embassy Suites Conventi...

DriveNTalk Hands-free Bluetooth Car Kit
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DriveNTalk a new brand for Enustech Inc., a South Korean-based company, has now entered the U.S. marketplace with a hands-free Bluetooth car kit. DriveNTalk’s first ins...

DriveNTalk debuts Klat 7
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Las Vegas. NV - DriveNTalk debuted the company’s feature packed handsfree Bluetooth kit, the Klat 7, at the recent CTIA Show held in Las Vegas last month. &ldqu...

DriveNTalk to Debut at CTIA Show
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Huntington Beach, CA - DriveNTalk has entered the marketplace with a feature packed hands free Bluetooth car kit. DriveNTalk will debut the Company’s KLAT 7 during ...