DriveNTalk to Showcase new products at CEA Line Shows, New York

Article ImageNew York (06.16.11) - CEA Line Shows, returning to New York City this year, is just a week away. CEA’s member companies will hold line shows and press conferences on June 22-23, 2011 and DriveNTalk will be participating in this heralded event. DriveNTalk will display the company’s Bluetooth hands-free car kits BHF2000 and BHF1800 at the show. The BHF2000 is a high-end hands-free equipped unit with Gesture sensing, which provides comfort for its users and reduces distractions while driving. The BHF2000 also has a solar charging panel, allowing self-recharging and minimizing the number of times of manual recharge. At the same time, the BHF2000 also brings supreme sound quality to its users through noise reduction and echo cancellation optimization.