Jak makes DLNA adapters cute again

MWC 2013: By far the cutest USB stick SemiAccurate has ever seen

DLNA and Miracast dongles were a dime a dozen at MWC, but one of the nicest was the Jak from a little Korean company called bCoda. Their little Jak somehow manages to be both cute and amazingly light while adding useful features to the expected set.

The first thing you notice about the Jak package is, well, the package. It is a simple cardboard box that punches above its weight. It slides, folds, and has compartments in ways that belie it’s roots as a folded piece of paper. In it is a bright little piece of monochrome plastic wedged into a hunk of foam, but somehow it just works. When you pick the dongle up, the first thing that hits you is how light this thing is, it is by far the lightest USB stick I have ever picked up. Everyone I have handed it to said the word cute when I asked them to describe it.


Jak app and dongle Jak makes DLNA adapters cute again