Telecom Council Member Judges Select 25 New Innovations to S

Judges from HTC, Qualcomm, SK Telecom, Sprint, Vodafone and more reviewed over 100 applications to find this group of hot startups
San Jose, Ca, March 7, 2011 - The Telecom Council of Silicon Valley has partnered with CTIA WIRELESS , held March 22 - 24, 2011 in Orlando, Florida, to highlight
startup innovation at the show. The Telecom Council Showcase, located at booth
4290 in the Emerging Technology Zone, will ensure that CTIA Wireless attendees
leave the show having seen new products, tried new services, heard new ideas, and met new companies that are pushing the envelope of the wireless industry. 

25 early-stage companies were chosen to be highlighted in the showcase from 100s of applications by a panel of Telecom Council member judges from HTC, Qualcomm, SK Telecom, Sprint, Vodafone and more. The companies selected to be included were judged on standard Telecom Council criteria ? innovation, momentum, viability, and management.
Participating companies include: 
* The Dealmap  
* CleverWraps 
* Carrier IQ 
* Cimble 
* Connect2Car 
* DriveNTalk
* FeedHenry 
* FitOrbit  
* InvisiTrack 
* JetJaw 
* Local Social 
* Locomatix 
* MoBeam 
* Mobile Insight 
* Moofwd 
* Private Planet
* SmrtGuard Mobile Security
* Spectrum Bridge 
* Speedbump
* Tektelic
* Validas
* ViralMesh 
* Yap
* xG Technology
Source: Telecom council