DriveNTalk rolls the dice at SEMA 2010

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Las Vegas, NV (11.23.10) - For the SEMA show DriveNTalk enlisted the help of Pacific Cellular Supply (PCS) to provide the Demo car for the event. PCS went right to JT at Al & Ed’s Autosound in Huntington Beach CA.  JT, who is very familiar with show events, had a 2008 Scion xB that was perfectly suited for the SEMA show as it will be featured at the upcoming Los Angeles Auto Show at the Al & Ed’s Autosound booth.


This vehicle has a big punch, in such a tight package, with Rockford Fosgate filling in the entire audio section. From the 2 T1500-1BD amps driving the 8 15” P2 subwoofers to the  to the T600-4 amp driving the Rockford Fosgate components up front and the 2 sets of coaxials rounding out the rear and flanking the big screen. Big Screen? Hell yes! A 42” Samsung screen in the rear compartment makes for a lot of fun tailgating and what better way to do it then with a Sony Playstation tied in as well. The Pioneer AVH-P4100DVD rounds out the system with control of the sound system. What was the reason for this red vinyl wrapped machine set to look like a giant dice? Oh ya, to demonstrate the superb sound quality of the DriveNTalks music streaming. We figured that if the sound quality was so good why not amplify it to show the quality for all it is. For almost the entire show all the music was streaming from a phone right into the audio system via line outputs that come standard on this kit.


“The slogan on the car says “Don’t Gamble on Safety”. Being we’re in Las Vegas and the Handsfree Law in effect throughout a large part of North America or being implemented shortly with thought this was very fitting,” said River Macomber with PCS.


DriveNTalk models showed the exciting new DriveNTalk products to SEMA show attendees.

In Addition, DriveNTalk won an Award for SEMA 2010 for their newest product, the BHF-2000. This visor can actually make volume adjustments just by a gesture of your hand waiving in front of it. In addition it also announces callers coming in and answers by voice response. Did I mention its Green? Not in color, it is solar rechargeable, it comes with a built in solar panel for charging or you can use the cord that is supplied for vehicle charging.