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Supreme Sound Quality

Provides high quality sound performance using in-car speakers
By using in-car speakers, KlaT7 provides outstanding sound performance compared to other types of hands-free. When your phone is connected to the KlaT 7, it uses front 2 speakers for calls and 4 speakers for music playback via Bluetooth streaming.

Noise cancellation and Echo reduction
With Digital Signal Processor (DSP), KlaT 7 provides crystal clear sound performance through Echo reduction and Noise cancellation.

Dual Microphone
KlaT 7 dual microphone reducing background noises so recipient can listen to your voice clearly.

Safe Way to Use Mobile Phone While Driving

  • Voice control
    Just click to initiate, and then say the magic words to activate KlaT 7. Leave the rest to KlaT 7 and focus on driving.
Command List
Voice Commands Proceed this way
What Can I Say? Tell you all available commands
Pair Mode Enter the pairing mode
Am I Connected? Tell you if connected to a phone
Phone Command Enter voice recognition function (if mobile phone support)
Redial Dial the last dialed number
Call Information Connect to Microsoft’s Bing Search Center *
Call Favorite 1~5 Call number preset as ‘Call favorite 1~5’
Call Office Call number preset as ‘Call Office’
Call Home Call number preset as ‘Call Home’
Text Message Connect to voice to text services
Settings Menu Enter to settings menu
Cancel Cancel the commands
Yes Answer “yes” for yes/no question
No Answer “no” for yes/no question
Answer Answer the incoming call
Ignore Reject the incoming call
* Bing will only provide US based information. If you are calling outside of US, long distance charges may apply.

TTS(Text to Speech) Service
Text to Speech service supports your safe driving by speaking caller ID, alert and the status of hands-free. There is no need to look at the LED, you can keep your eyes on the road.

Voice to Text (Optional Service)
Try out our free promotion service of Voice to Text. You can email, send a text and be connected to social networks all through your voice.

Wireless Remote Controller
KlaT 7’s ergonomic, stylish wireless remote control can be mounted anywhere and making your installation easier. There is no hassle to look for a specific or only location that can be hard to reach or see and even having to drill a hole just to hide the wire that can cause damage to your car.

Quick Connect Products

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