Innovative Smartphone Accessories

Coda S is compatile with Zello, acting as a push-to-talk hardware device.
Follow the steps below to set up Zello to work with Coda S.

1) Download and install Zello on your phone.
2) Set CODA S’s speaker phone button to Push-To-Talk button as follows:
    Start Zello. Go to “Options”>“Under the hood” and check on “Handle headset buttons when
    in the background”. From “Bluetooth PTT control device” list, select “CODA S”

3) In the screen below Select Bluetooth icon in Zello in order to set CODA S as audio device for Zello.

Now, CODA S is ready to be used with Zello. Press the CODA S’s speaker phone button and talk after the beep
(“Ready to send” audio alert).

While using Zello, you can accept incoming calls by pressing CODA S’s handset button.

Do not connect multiple smart phones to CODA S while using Zello.
It may cause problems using Zello.

Refer to for details.