Introducing CODA S, the Ultimate Bluetooth Handset for All Your Audio Needs, in all new colors.

Carry CODA S anywhere at home, at wo-rk, or inside a car.Attach it like a refri-gerator magnet on a metal surface. Play music on portable speaker mode in high quality sound. Pause music and take incoming calls at your will.
Conduct conference calls via Skype.Ask Siri (iOS devices only) about today’s wea-ther. Snap it onto a car sun visor (mag-netic metal clip included) for hands-free communication.
Answer calls on speaker phone mode, all the while your smartphone is tucked away somewhere and hooked up to a charger. Switch to handset mode with a press of a button, and answer private calls. Free yo-urself from mobile phone radiation wor-ries.
Simply link CODA S to your smartphone via Bluetooth, and let it handle all your audio needs. Be dazzled with CODA S, a perfect companion to your smartphone.

Mount CODA S on your bike or strap it on your backpack and you are ready for a weekend ride or hiking in the mountains.

Keep your smartphone safely in your backpack and protect it from the offroad ruggedness. Don’t sweat your clunky Bluetooth earpiece. Just snap CODA S on a magnetic Cradle, and you’re on the go.

Pick up the handset to answer calls saf-ely while on the move.

Carry CODA S to the park and listen to music on stereo speaker mode while appreciating the Mother Nature.
Wherever you go, always stay conne
cted with CODA S, theultimate Bluet-
ooth solution forall your audio nee-ds.

Enclosed magnetized accessories help you enjoy CODA S in all occasions.