CODA Click

Stop fumbling with your phone. Put it on autopilot and think outside the touch screen.
The power of your smartphone is just a click away. Trigger it with CODAClick, the fun remote with one button.
CODAClick is no ordinary clicker. There's more to this tiny remote than meets the eye. In fact, this little intuitive device does it all with just one button. Everything your smartphone can do is right at your fingertips. CODAClick connects live with your phone via Bluetooth, even when your wireless headphones or in-car hands-free speaker is in use. Pairing is only a one-time step, and all subsequent connections are made effortlessly with a single click.
It comes in a pendant shape and in three different pastel colors. The button is rimmed to resist accidental presses so you can carry it in your pocket worry-free. It also comes with a Velcro and a lapel clip so you can stick it on a surface or wear it on your shirt. Its pendant form factor can also double as a keychain or a lavaliere.
CODAWheel and CODAClick are sibling products with the same hardware and software genes. They look alike but dress differently. They serve the same purpose, just in different places. CODAWheel is a perfect in-car fixture for drivers so they can keep their eyes on the road and hands on the wheel, whereas CODAClick is a versatile, pendant-shaped portable gadget for everyday uses, anytime, anywhere. They also have the same parent, CODA Button App, which allows them to be at their best.
CODAClick is a shutter release remote. Take better selfies and have fun doing it. Aim your phone and click on. Better yet, tweak your CODAClick to trigger a series of actions with a single click: shoot and tag photos with your location and text them to your buddies.

CODAClick is a voice recorder remote. Take voice notes while driving. Record an important meeting or dialogue.
CODAClick is a locator remote. We’ve all been there: hurry to get ready for work in the morning, only to find yourself panicking over your lost phone. No more scavenger hunt. Just click and listen for a beep, sounding from under the couch. It works even when the phone is on silent mode.
CODAClick is a voice command remote. Press and hold CODAClick to summon Google Now or your phone’s built-in voice-enabled app. All the while, keep the phone in your car’s cup holder or in your pocket.
CODAClick is a music remote. Click to play/pause. Click twice to skip forward. Click thrice to go back a track. Turn volume up/down. Retrieve song info while playing
CODAClick is a toggle remote. Turn the camera flash LED on/off with a click. Instantly switch between multiple button settings with a click.
CODAClick is a custom remote. Customize and automate action sequences to your liking. Turn your phone on/off with a click. Modify the number of clicks to perform personalized tasks.
CODAClick is a third-party app remote. Your favorite apps are just a click away. Run CODAClick-supported apps at the click of a button. Launch your favorite camera app and do your thing with a click. Prompt a clock app to announce time
The feature will be available for iOS in August, Android Only
The CODAClick is continuously evolving to become the one and only universal smartphone remote control, that serves reliable functions for various 3rd party applications. Our efforts in expanding the functions of compatibility will add to the value of the CODAClick and its ability. Current applications which are compatible with the CODAClick is as follows:
Zello(Group Voice Chat, Android/iOS)

Coupled with Zello(a free Push-to-Talk App), the CODAClick can link you to a group voice chat. This feature will be useful for communicating in multi-partied group travels or errands. Communication can be is made using the vehicle’s internal hands-free device, while the CODAClick operates as the Zello’s push-to-talk button. For more detailed information, please refer to

Candy Camera (Android only)
Candy Camera is one of the most popular camera application that provides various real-time filters, camera effects, and photo editing tools to easily enhence photos, especially self-camera photos, taken on your smartphone. With CODAClick, you can easily control camera shutter release, switch filter effects, and take selfies without shaking.

VoiceCaddy+ (Android only)
Turn your smartphone into a caddie on a round of weekend golf, with CODAClick, a one-button Bluetooth remote. Upon installing VoiceCaddy+ app on your phone, CODAClick interacts with the app and becomes a vocal caddie at your fingertips. Click to hear the yardage to the hole, select the targeting green, toggle units between yards and meters, plus more. Set yourself free from squinting at your smartphone in bright sunlight. CODAClick saves battery, too.

* CODA Button-supported third-party app offerings may vary between Android and iOS devices.

Additional Features on Android
CODA Wheel provides several additional features on Android system. Some of the features include, time announcement, launch user-selected apps, emulation of back key and power button, volume control of media playback, etc


- CODAClick, clip, Velcro sticky back fastener, manual


-iOS 7 with Siri
-Android 4.3 (latest Jelly Bean) or later:
CODA Button App will NOT install if your phone does not meet the version requirement;
before you purchase CODAClick or CODAWheel, you must first check your phone version by going to Settings > About phone;
you may also bring your phone up to date to the latest Android by going to Settings > About phone > Software update.


- Bluetooth 4.0
- Dimensions: 35.9mm(W) x 39.25mm (H) x 8.9mm (D)
- weight : 9.0g
- Range: up to 50 meters(depends or phone)