About bCODA

Brand Story Innovation Lab

Creative and innovative products

The bCODA Innovation Lab continues its ongoing research and development of creative and unique products. Distinctive and user-friendly, bCODA’s devices are ideal for everyday users and their mobile lifestyles.

The core technology of all bCODA products is our wireless communication expertise. Our products features technologies such as Embedded Linux, Wi-Fi, Zigbee, and Bluetooth.

bCODA started as a Development Partner of Samsung Networks, winning an ‘Excellent Development Partner Award’ during its tenure as an affiliate. We are experienced with the development of wireless network devices such as Home Gateway, QoS, Wi-Fi AP, Wi-Fi Phone, and DSL Gateway.
Our innovative products
The Bluetooth hands-free business started seven years ago, and bCODA products are recognized for sound quality and compatibility. bCODA is the branded division of a leading OEM/ODM company. The parent company is ranked number one in terms of Bluetooth accessories market share in North America.

We are currently developing products and apps for iOS and Android use, and are under development for innovative “appcessory” (application + accessory) devices.